As experts at preserving, repairing, restoring and maintaining exotic and beautiful hardwoods, we offer our clients an array of services to care for a variety of high quality wood species. Based in South Florida, we work with designers and suppliers from all over the world.

Our specialization in exquisit hardwoods affords us the ability to customize finishes and tailor plans for an individual client with a unique 12-step process. From mahogany to teak, as well as interiors and exteriors, we can add a custom finish to any beautiful wood piece in order to meet your particular needs and ensure the longevity of your luxurious woods. We treat our clients possessions with the utmost care, as well as helping them protect and maintain their exotic hardwoods for years to come.

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How we can help.


Protecting your exotic and beautiful hardwood property starts with proper maintenance, in turn maintenance makes proper restoration a long term though rather then an annual event.

Furniture we offer.


Touch Up Teak's collection of outdoor teak furniture is available for purchase with your choice of finish! We continue to expand options and styles regularly growing our available product line.

Other related products.


Touch Up Teak is partnered with Deco Moulures, a manufacturing company for high end composite mouldings. This product is durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

“Teak is beautiful, durable, and can last for generations when it receives the care and love it deserves!”

Protecting your exotic and beautiful hardwoods requires proper maintenance!

Teak is a prime example of one of the beautiful woods we work with and maintain. The amber colors of teak requires proper as well as regular maintenance to protect its beauty. Our 12-step process along with a deep, long lasting clean, restores and maintains these woods.