The Company goal is to become the leading distributor of quality composite molding and trim.  Since 2018 the Company has continually offered superior products services to clients which are able to endure the rugged southeast environment while meeting our regional architectural preferences.  Along with supplying quality products and service the Company has represented craftsmanship in all the services and products from our service facilities in southern Florida.

Composite, now available through the Company, allows you to put the finishing touches on your project and not be concerned about it rotting, decaying, splitting or swelling.  Upgrade the interior and exterior trim of any house with the most popular designs or have a custom design created to add your personal touch.  Able to be worked the same as traditional wood trim makes it a perfect fit for any project.



  • Eco-friendly
  • Made of natural fiber & 95%
  • recycled products
  • Money & Time Saver
  • “All-in-one” base board and
  • quarter round
  • Moisture and water proof
  • No paint needed
  • Many colors (19) & models available (10)
  • Available in 8’ 10′ 12’ or 16’ long
  • Aesthetically cover any wire
  • No maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Choice of traditional or modern styles